The Facts on TB

1.5 million

People died from TB in 2021

1 in 4

People globally are infected with TB

10 Million

Fell ill with TB in 2021

The IMPAACT4TB Consortium and partners have been working towards delivering transformational change in the accessibility and use of Tuberculosis(TB) Preventive treatment(TPT) across 12 high-burden TB project countries since the start of the project in 2018.

Funded by Unitaid, the IMPAACT4TB Consortium works in collaboration with the World Health Organisation(WHO) and focused primarily on providing safer, shorter TPT (3HP and 1HP) that is affordable and accessible to target populations: People living with HIV, children under 5 years and all household contacts.

The IMPAACT4TB Consortium members have exceptional experience in shaping markets, strengthening supply chain management and supporting National TB Programmes in high-burden countries. The consortium has implemented innovative strategies to deliver 3HP and 1HP to high-risk groups in the 12 project countries, and the lessons learned along the way will be used to generate more evidence, support scale-up globally and contribute to meeting the global End TB targets.

As the project is now in Phase 2 (2022 - 2024) to generate more evidence for underserved populations, the impact of phase 1 has had a domino effect globally.

Project Milestones


Price of 3HP

The price dropped from $72 in 2017 to $14,25 in 2022.

3HP Manufacturing Capacity

Increased from 180k patient courses in 2018 to over 4mill in 2022.

TPT Guidelines

12 of 12 Project countries have included 3HP in the National Health Guidelines

Countries procuring 3HP

From 1(one) country in 2018 to 56 (fifty-six) countries in 2022.



The IMPAACT4TB Project has moved into the next phase to generate more evidence for vulnerable and undeserved populations.

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Consortium Partners