It is now easier than ever to prevent TB before it develops into an active disease or spreads within communities. While TB preventive treatment was once difficult to tolerate and could last 6 to 36 months, scientists have developed effective new regimens using a drug called rifapentine that last only one or three months. These breakthrough treatment courses, called 1HP and 3HP, have the potential to be a key tool in ending TB worldwide – but too few people who could benefit from preventive treatment have access to it. 

People at risk of developing TB – like household contacts of someone living with TB – have the #RightToPreventTB, and share the benefits of scientific progress. We are calling for an urgent scale-up of 1HP and 3HP around the world. 

Join us as we call on governments, manufacturers, donors and other partners to keep the promises made and ensure equitable access to TB prevention treatment so that we can achieve a world free from TB. It’s everyone’s right.  

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