Opt4TPT South Africa study team recruits and enrols participants!     

On 16 September 2021, the Opt4TPT study team in South Africa implemented by the Aurum Institute started enrolling patients visiting the Chiawelo Community Health Centre (CHC) for ART refills and initiations at one of the three study sites. The teams are recruiting and enrolling patients from the “fast lane” – a differentiated care model used by the facility for stable ART patients or through referrals in the chronic department for ART refills by healthcare workers. Participant enrolment began on 22 September 2021 in Stretford CHC and 28 September 2021 in Soshanguve CHC.

The Opt4TPT study observes adult patients receiving HIV care and receiving TPT including 3HP once a week for 12 weeks or IPT 12 month daily INH. The patients will be followed for 24 months as part of a three-year programmatic assessment of TPT delivery to generate critical knowledge to improve TPT uptake, implementation, and outcomes and provide a holistic outlook on TPT service delivery. This study will create an important understanding of TPT uptake and completion from the patient perspective and delivery from the health system perspective and TPT long term outcomes.

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