“My work is increasing understanding for my community and uptake of short-course TPT. ”

Patricia Ochieng Asero


Why is TB preventive therapy (TPT) important in your community?
I come from a community of women living with HIV. As we all know, tuberculosis (TB) is the number one killer of people living with HIV. In order to stop TB related deaths, tuberculosis preventive therapy (TPT) is critical for my community.

Can you describe the major goals of your IMPAACT4TB advocacy project? How will your work advance access to TB preventative therapy in your country?
My main goal is to ensure increased understanding, uptake and demand creation of TPT/3HP among women, adolescents, and young people living with HIV in the Busia, Kiambu sub-counties. My work will not only increase understanding in my community but will also enhance TPT uptake.

What gaps do you think are important to address?
Given that we already have 3HP and guidelines in Kenya, the most important gap to close now is knowledge and uptake of TPT.

What does it mean for you to be an IMPAACT4TB grantee?
I now have both the financial and technical resources to implement my work. It means my work and dedication towards TB advocacy will be appreciated and recognized.