West African AIDS Foundation, Ghana

“With WAAF’s presence and monitoring of ART facilities, we’re expecting that TPT services will be
accurately provided and that this will not just be another policy on paper without practice.”
West African AIDS Foundation, Ghana

Why is TB preventive therapy (TPT) important in your community?
Knowing that the community we work with is at a 21-time higher risk of developing TB
disease, it’s very important that people living with HIV (PLHIV) can get access to TPT to prevent
getting active TB. Due to gaps in both TB screening and early detection of TB, disease, we believe
that TPT for HIV-positive clients will reduce the burden of disease among our clients and prevent
new infection in Ghana.

Can you describe the major goals of your IMPAACT4TB advocacy project? How will your work advance access to TB preventative therapy in your country?
Currently, WAAF is in the pre-implementation phase, working closely with the National TB Control
Program to ensure that our advocacy work goes hand in hand with national goals and objectives for
TPT. Our major goal is to increase the number of PLHIVs who are initiated on TPT. We’re planning to
achieve this by reminding and encouraging the HCWs on the benefits of TPT.
Secondly, we’re targeting PLHIV directly to educate them on TPT so they understand the benefits. We
hope demand from PLHIV will increase which will result in higher update of TPT.
What gaps do you think are important to address?
Currently, only a few facilities have access to TPT. These facilities don’t have access to 3HP.
We hope our work will increase demand, which will result in policymakers prioritizing procurement
and availability of TPT, especially 3HP.

What does it mean for you to be an IMPAACT4TB grantee?
WAAF is pleased to be a stakeholder who sees the needs of PLHIV in Ghana and can
advocate for health services which we know will have a positive impact on people’s lives. For WAAF,
quality health care and equal opportunities have always been a priority. We’re happy to receive support so we can advocate for TPT commodities to be available for people who can benefit from this.