South Africa



Sustainable Procurement of TPT

Successes and Challenges

Stakeholder collaboration:

PEPFAR, Global Fund, CSO, Sanac, CHAI

Implementing through NDOH:

Increased 3HP buy-in, especially because we used a phased pilot Model for 3HP rollout

I4TB TA sitting at the NDOH:

could navigate TB Prevention efforts across disease programs (HIV & TB), easily accepted by NDOH staff, seen as a part of program teams

Lack of ground cadres:

We relied on DSPs in the districts to provide mentorship to DOH clinicians, however, clinical confidence is still an issue with most partners

Phased Pilot Model:

For SA, limited demand creation efforts, caution around 3HP supplies, 3HP viewed as a temporary project that districts/provinces had to tolerate until it went away

Restrictive Policy Environment:

delays in guideline approval delays transition in procurement mechanisms

Thobekile Finger The Aurum Institute
Mamothe Ratshefola The Aurum Institute
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