Sustainable Procurement of TPT 

Country Successes:

Catalytic Procurement for 3HP.- Assisted to bridge the supply gap to align GF, PEPFAR and Government funding which covers adults
Government leadership and collaboration with partners-  Government has embraced the new regimens and pulling all partners toward the new intervention. Policies reviewed and adjusted to reflect new updates, M&E and LMIS tools revised
Harmonised supply chain system across partners and counties
Phased roll out of 3HP implementation in the country – Supply security only one supplier



Uptake of single molecules before availability of FDC was introduced  in the country
Availability of child friendly formulations for CALHIV
Supply chain of 3HP- late deliveries and delays affected national scale up
Integration of supply chain across HIV and TB program

Najma Abubaker Salim Clinton Health Access Initiative
Philip Muchiri Kimani Clinton Health Access Initiative
Ministry of Health website